Riz Zaki

Hi, I’m Riz. A designer and researcher interested in extracting clarity from complexity and how ideas are articulated into products and practices

I’m currently working on making complex computer systems more human and approachable for IBM Design. Previously I was part of a team leading digital transformation of the industrial safety space for 3M.

I have also worked with clients like Ford and Google for SCAD’s student innovation studio. 


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A selection of school projects and to-be released work from internships and collaborations. 


3M Design

Summer 2018 internship. Researching, designing and testing for 3M's industrial safety products. 

Artboard 12.png


Symbio is a connected monitoring concept designed for in-home caretakers. Symbio is made to support patient, caretaker and nurse networks. 



I designed experiences for digital assistants within autonomous vehicles for Ford between March and May 2018. I created VUI experiences and digital / tactile interfaces.


Project DAWN

For UX Design Studio I+II we tackled the many facets of hurricane experiences  through research, technology and design. Our proposed solution is a vision of  2022 when drones and artificial intelligence can provide the public and authorities rich and relevant information and analysis.


After the Flood

World Bank asked SCAD to study how climate change might impact millennial's future (2027). After the Flood, is an experiment on how young people respond to and place themselves within global climate change.